SI No.9-Assistant professor in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (contract),KMSME interview held
SI No.8-Assistant Professor-Mechanical Engineering(contract)-interview held on 14th 15th&16th July 2
SI No.1-Assistant Professor in Electronics (contract) interview held on 22.03.2021
Technical Assistant Grade III (contract) in School of Engineering interview held on 12.07.2021
Security Guard(contract) interview held on 13.07.2021
Eratum- Driver Grade II (contract) interview held on 09.04.2021
Professor (on contract/Deputation) in Centre for Intellectual Property Right Studies interview held
Shortlisted candidates for the post of Technical Assistant(contract) after test conducted on 20.03.2
SI No.1-Assistant professor-Civil Engineering(contract) interview held on 7th,8th & 12th April 2021
SI No.2-Assistant Professor in Instrumentation(contract) interview held on 22.03.2021
SI No.7-Assistant Professor-Electronics & Communication Engineering(contract) interview held on 2nd,
SI No.4-Assistant Professor-Mechanical Engineering(contract) interview held on 2nd,3rd &4th February
SI No.7-Associate Professor-Computer Science(Open) interview held on 20th & 21st April 2021
SI No.19-Associate Professor-Ship Hydrodynamics(Open) interview held on 23.04.2021
SI No.3-Assistant Professor-Hydrochemistry/Chemistry (LC/AI) interview held on 30.03.2021
SI No.2-Assistant Professor-Hydrochemistry/Chemistry (open) interview held on 18.03.2021
SI No.39-Assistant professor-Physics (Viswakarma) interview held on 01.03.2021
SI No.1-Assistant Professor in Mathematics (contract) interview held on 19.04.2021
Driver Grade II (contract) interview held on 09.04.2021
Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical) (contract) interview held on 18.03.2021
Professor in Marine Engineering (contract) -No one was ranked
No.2-Assistant Professor in Naval Architecture & Ship Building (contract)- interview held on 08.03.
SI No.1-Associate Professor in Marine Engineering (contract)-interview held on 08.03.2021
Rank List - System Analyst - KM School of Marine Engineering-interview held on 23.02.2021
SI No.38-Assistant professor-Electronics (Open) interview held on 22.02.2021
SI No.37-Assistant professor-Theoretical Photonics (Muslim) interview held on 23.02.2021
SI No.1-Technical Assistant Grade III(on contract) notification dated 23.10.2020, interview held on
SI No.3-Technical Assistant Grade II(on contract) notification dated 09.10.2020, interview held on 2
SI No.1-Technical Assistant Grade III(on contract) notification dated 09.10.2020, interview held on
Eratum notification Technical Assistant (Electronics) (on contract) interview held on 12.02.2021
SI No.29- Assistant Professor-Marine Microbiology (Open) interview held on 15.02.2021
Technical Assistant (Electronics) (on contract basis) interview held on 12.02.2021
SI No.15-Assistant Professor-Environmental Studies (Open) interview held on 09.02.2021
SI No.1-Associate Professor-Inorganic Chemistry (SC) interview held on 05.02.2021
Eratum Notification ranklist SI No.1-Assistant Professor-Chemistry (ST)& SI No.1-Associate Professor
SI No.1-Assistant Professor- Chemistry (ST) interview held on 05.02.2021
Rank list-Assistant Professor (contract)-Forensic Science interview held on 08.02.2021
Security Officer (on contract) interview held on 29.01.2021
Assistant Professor (on contract)-Chemical Oceanography interview held on 27.01.2021
SI No.41-Assistant Professor-Physics (Open) interview held on 13.01.2021
SI No.2-Assistant Professor-Technology/Management Consulting (on contract) interview held on 1
SI No.1-Associate Professor-Technology/Management Consulting (on contract) interview held on 1
Rank list- Director, Public Relations & Publications (contract) interview held on 17.12.2020
SI No.2-Professor-Biotechnology/Biochemistry/Genetics/Microbiology (ETB)- Interview held on 03.12.20
SI No.26-Assistant Professor- Operations/Production Management (PwD- Blind or Low Vision)- Interview
SI No.22-Assistant Professor-Marketing Management (ETB)- Interview held on 23.12.2020
SI No.18- Assistant Professor- Fish Processing Technology (Open)- interview held on 09.12.2020
SI No.8-Assistant Professor-Plant Science/Botany/Biotechnology (ETB)- Interview held on 2nd & 3rd De
SI No.5- Assistant Professor- Biotechnology/Biochemistry/Genetics (ETB)- Interview held on 2nd & 3rd
SI No.7- Assistant Professor- Plant Science/Botany/Biotechnology (Open)- Interview held on 01.12.202
SI No.34- Assistant Professor- Geology (SC/ST)- Interview held on 18.11.2020
SI No.33-Assistant Professor- Marine Geology (SC)- Interview held on 18.11.2020
SI No.32- Assistant Professor-Marine Geology (SC)- Interview held on 18.11.2020
SI No.4-Associate Professor- Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences with specialization in Weather/Climate
SI No. 4- Assistant Professor-Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences (ETB)- Interview held on 16.11.2020
SI No.17- Assistant Professor- Hindi (ST)- interview held on 09.11.2020
SI No.11- Associate Professor- Hindi (Open)- Interview held on 09.11.2020
SI No-36-Assistant Professor-Mathematics (Open)- interview held on 3rd, 4th & 5th November 2020
Software Developer (on contract basis)
No one was ranked for the Faculty post SI No.3-Assistant Professor-Economics (Nadar)
SI No.2-Assistant Professor- Economics (SC)
SI No.6-Associate Professor-Image Processing/Information Security (SC)
SI No.4-Professor-Cyber Security/Computer Networks (Open)
SI No.45- Assistant Professor- Applied Mechanics (Muslim)
SI No.44- Assistant Professor- Naval Architecture (Muslim)
SI No.43- Assistant Professor- Naval Architecture (Open)
SI No.42- Assistant Professor- Fluid Mechanics (Muslim)
Security Guard (on contract basis)
SI No.19-Assistant Professor-Instrumentation-Open
SI No.13-Professor-Physical Oceanography/Ocean Technology/Ocean Engineering (Open)
Assistant Professor against the vacancy of SI No.34-Associate Professor-Statistics (SC/ST)
SI No.9- Assistant Professor-Biotechnology/Biochemistry/Genetics/Microbiology (Viswakarma)
SI No.6- Assistant Professor-Animal Science/Zoology/Biotechnology (SC)
Assistant Professor (on contract)-computer applications
Sl No.6-Assistant Professor - Data Analytics (on Contract)
Sl No.5-Assistant Professor - Business Process (on Contract)
Sl No.4-Assistant Professor - HRM/HRD (on Contract)
Sl No.3-Assistant Professor - Mobile Phone Application Development (on Contract)
Ranklist-Technical Assistant (on contract Basis),DDUKK
Ranklist-Photocopier/Duplicator Operator(internal recruitment from Class IV staff)
Rank list - Assistant Professor-Polymer Technology (contract)
Rank list - Technician Gr.II (contract) in School of Industrial Fisheries
Ranklist-Course-in-Charge-on contract basis
Ranklist-Associate Professor-Marine Engineering-on contract basis
Erratum Notification on Rank list for Professional Assistant (contract)
Ranklist- Warden-cum-Physical Trainer
Rank list - Professional Assistant Gr.II (contract) in Libraries
Rank list - Technical Assistant Gr.III (contract) in Dept.of Chemical Oceanography
Rank list - Computer Operator (contract) in Dept. of Computer Science
Rank list-Assistant Engineer-Electrical-contract-Engineering Department
Rank List Sl:No:4- Assistant Professor (contract)-Electronics &Communication Engineering
Rank list - Accountant (on contract) in ACARR
Rank list - Sl.No.23- Assistant Professor- Commerce (OPEN)
Rank list - Sl.No.35- Assistant Professor- Commerce (OPEN)
Rank list - Sl.No.3-Assistant Professor-Mechanical Engg (contract) in KMSME
Rank list - Sl.No.2-Assistant Professor-Information Tech. (contract) in CUCEK
Rank list - Sl.No.1-Assistant Professor-Civil Engg (contract) in CUCEK
Rank list-Technical Assistant-contract-Applied Chemistry
Rank list-Technical Assistant Grade I-contract-Atmospheric Sciences
Rank list -sl.No.44-Associate Professor-Physics (Open)
Rank list - Sl.No.42-Associate Professor -Industrial Physics (open)
Rank list - Sl.No.33-Associate Professor-Finance Management (OPEN) (interview held on 25.10.19)
Rank list - S.No.2-Scientist C (KSCSTE)(Open) - ACARR (Interview held on 22.11.19)
Rank list - S.No.1-Scientist D (KSCSTE) (Open) - ACARR (Interview held on 22.11.19)
Rank list-Computer Programmer (on contract)
Rank list-Overseer -Electrical (on contract)
Rank list - Assistant Professor-Applied Mechanics (contract) in Ship Tech.
Rank list - Assistant Professor-Naval Architecture (contract) in Ship Tech.
Rank list - Overseer -Civil (contract) in Engineering Department (Interview held on 12.11.19)
Shortlisted candidates for interview after Screening Test on 19.09.19- for Assistant Professor- Civi
Rank list- Associate Professor- Marine Engineering (contract) -Interview held on 05.10.19
Rank list- Assistant Professor-Electrical Engg.(contract) in Divn. of Safety & Fire Engg.
Rank list - Sl.No.8 - Assistant Professor (OPEN) in CSIS (interview held on 02.09.18)
Rank list - Sl.No.7 - Assistant Professor - (ETB) in CSIS (interview held on 03.09.2019)
Rank list -Sl.No.15 Associate Professor -Environmental Studies (OPEN)
Rank list - Technical Officer /Executive Engineer (on contract) (interview held on 04.09.19)
Ranklist of Hostel Manager-on contract